Rationale for Establishing the Association for East Asian Environmental History (AEAEH)

More than twenty scholars doing East Asian environmental history participated in the First World Congress of Environmental History convened by the International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations (ICEHO) in Copenhagen and Malmo during August 4-8, 2009. Because East Asia is not well represented among the current members of ICEHO, many of us who joined in a discussion during the conference agreed to form an association and named it the Association for East Asian Environmental History (AEAEH).

The AEAEH is an organization of individual members engaged in doing research on East Asian environmental issues with historical perspectives. Scholars from fields related to environmental studies, such as history, archaeology, literature, ethics, anthropology, geography, demography, economics, sociology, law, biology, ecology, agronomy, nutrition, medical science, public health, meteorology, geology, and engineering (energy, hydrology, municipal engineering), are all welcome to become members. Interdisciplinary approaches will be emphasized and within the sphere of East Asia a wide temporal span will be covered. Comparative studies, of course, will also be encouraged.


President of AEAEH

Prof. Shiyung Liu 劉士永 was elected the new President of the Association for East Asian Environmental History (AEAEH) by the General Meeting of the Association on 30 October 2017 for a two-year term (2018-2019). Prof. Liu is to succeed Prof. Lihua Wang 王利華 who served as the third President of AEAEH during 2016-2017.


Council of AEAEH

Eight members of AEAEH were elected for the Council of AEAEH during the General Meeting of the Association on 30 October 2017. They are (alphabetical order by last name):
Prof. Tatsushi Fujihara 藤原辰史 (Kyoto University)
Prof. Shen Hou 侯深 (Renmin University of China)
Prof. Yongjian Hou 侯甬坚 (Shaanxi Normal University)
Prof. Robert Marks (Whittier College)
Prof. Manyong Moon 文晚龍 (Chonbuk National University)
Prof. Akihisa Setoguchi 瀨戶口明久 (Kyoto University)
Prof. Hurng-Jyuhn Wang 王鴻濬 (National Dong Hwa University)
Prof. XInzhong Yu 余新忠 (Nankai University)


AEAEH Bylaws


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